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Home Consultations

A home consultation includes an initial site visit and detailed interview to determine what your needs are.  Your final report includes your best directions and that of your home, personalized Four Pillars charts, the bagua of your home and detailed reports that will serve as a foundation for any future work or questions. 


Business Consultation

A business consultation is very similar to a home consultation, with (generally) a focus on opportunity and attracting wealth.  Clients receiving both a home and business consultation receive a reduced rate. 


Space Clearing

Space clearings are in-depth removal of residual energy or topographic distress.  It is an ideal practice to undertake when moving into a new space, or selling a home, or if there is a lot of “stuck” energy in your space.  Can be especially beneficial in cases of past illness or death, lawsuits, trauma, or substance abuse.


Real Estate Consultation

A real estate consultation utilizes space clearing as well as provides a reduced consultation analysis in order to clear past energy and make the home feel fresh, address prohibitive aspects, and attract buyers. 



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